After highlighting Manchester’s finest for part three, we’re heading back to London for the fourth instalment of the series; Damn That DJ Made My Day presents Dan Grey! If you’re thinking you’ve never heard of Dan Grey before, you’re probably wrong, you just know him as DJ Bruce Wayne! (He plays his last gig under the Bruce Wayne name in Germany this weekend).

In what was a crazy two nights back to back in April of 2011, I not only met Jazzy Jeff, became a Dixon Brothers fan and got to see DJ Scratch play for the first time, but I was also lucky enough to come across Dan Grey. Playing for The Doctor’s Orders in room three at Fabric, Dan Grey was getting busy on the ones and twos opening for DJ Scratch, demonstrating his exceptional skills in the art of turntablism. Two of my DJing idols, and three of London’s dopest DJs (who happen to actually spin together quite often – unknown to me at the time) in forty eight hours? The planets must have aligned or something… regardless from that night on I was a DJ Bruce Wayne fan, and now a Dan Grey fan!

There are a lot of DJs (myself included) that use the term ‘open format’ to describe the kind of DJ they are, but in my opinion nobody does it better that this guy. As I mentioned above Dan Grey is an exceptionally skilled turntablist, but that’s not all he’s about. Being one of the few DJs I know that can incorporate all styles of ‘just damn good music’ into their sets, and do it well, gives him the ability to rock any crowd and certainly sets him apart from other DJs. Scroll down his SoundCloud page and you’ll see, absolutely everything is covered! Family Guy edits anyone?

Dan Grey has played all over London and the UK, in addition to rocking parties in Spain, China and (as of this weekend) Germany. You can find him DJing regularly at Nike Town (Oxford Street) and he currently holds a residency with Ministry Of Sound’s Unitrash. Dan Grey also hosts the Unitrash show with Amanda Star on Ministry Of Sound radio, every Monday night at 6pm! Check out one of my favourite mixes of his below, and to stay up-to-date with all things Dan Grey follow him on Twitter, @DJDanGrey. Be sure to check him out on Instagram and Facebook too.

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